Men’s Breakfast May is here…

Mens Breakfast – a bit of a departure this one but odd times and all that. The meeting tomorrow will be on ZOOM. A month ago we thought that was a 70s ice lolly. If you know what Zoom is and you want to come to Men’s Breakfast see you tomorrow morning. Many Blessings Mark

The Speaker is Bruce ‘the poet’ back by popular request. He has bought a computer camera especially. Have your bacon sandwich ready.

30 minutes …
Recent tales from holiday of a lifetime
Talk about the poem (below)
Read another two poems
Talk about them

From a Flanders Field
A poppy in my lapel is a very small token
of millions of lives lost and millions more broken. I wear it each year and I wear it with pride, one vivid red petal for each one who’s died. Another life wasted in mankind’s quest for war against each other fighting, not knowing what for? I don’t understand and I pray I never will mankind’s constant quest to fight and to kill, man’s constant quest for the savagery of war with troops not knowing what they’re fighting for simply marching bravely on and following orders inch by wretched inch pushing back the borders.
I salute the fallen and those who can’t be healed as I wear my red poppy from a Flanders field.
It won’t stop the wars and it won’t halt the fight but I hope and I pray with all my might
that one day soon the fighting will cease
and men of war will become men of peace.
But until the day when through God, peace is sealed I’ll wear my red poppy from a Flanders Field!
© Bruce N H Simpson 2012

Thank you Bruce. We had our first Zoom Men’s Breakfast. Bruce and his sons Michael in Singapore and Matt in Clitheroe joined us for some exceptional thoughtful poetry. First Zoom, first Men’s Breakfast with international participation and StJames Men joining from living rooms (and fields) of Forton, Lancaster and Morecambe.

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