Many of you will have heard that the Church of England along with other Christian denominations and world faith groups have banned public worship for the time being. Whether it’s the right decision history will judge but it is very much in line with the best medical and scientific advice and in line with closing other places of public congregation. In simple terms it means there will be no services in St James’ for the time being. The church is open for prayer from 9am to 5pm every day and we will be offering prayers each day. David and Cathy Picken, the new Archdeacon of Lancaster and his wife, who are living in the vicarage, will also be offering the Eucharist in their home every day at 5pm. If you have any thing you would like us to pray for, please let us know.
I promised the people of St James’ that if we reached this position, I would offer the Eucharist every Sunday at 10am, which is the time of our regular Sunday Service. Several people have said they will join me. I have sadly concluded that would not be in the best interest of beating Covid -19 and against the best scientific and medical advice. I am therefore asking that you avoid using the church between 10am and 1030am on a Sunday but I hope many of you will set aside that time to break bread yourselves and if appropriate share it with those you live with offering your own thoughts and prayers.
Many in St James’ have offered to help in any way they can. If you need help with anything, please make contact and I will get back to you.
On the bright side it does mean that for however long this lasts the congregation doesn’t have to listen to my sermons!
This Sunday is Mothering Sunday – a time when we give thanks for mothers and all who nurture us, These are frightening times for all of us and the welfare of our mothers and families concerns us all. We are being encouraged on Mothering Sunday to pray for God’s healing at this unprecedented time and all to place a lighted candle in our window at 7pm. I will light the Paschal candle in church (the candle we first light on Easter day to show that Christ has passed from darkness to light) and I invite you to join me by placing a lighted candle in your window. You may also like to light the candle you or your children were given at baptism.
Christ will shine through the darkness and over come it.
Stay safe
God Bless Canon Peter

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